Otomate Collection PC and Mobile Service Features Many Otome Games

Otomate Collection is a subscription service for otome games like Hiiro no Kakera

A subscription service dedicated to otome games by Idea Factory’s Otomate brand has appeared on PCs and mobile devices in Japan. Idea Factory worked with NTT Plala’s Hikari TV to launch Otomate Collection on May 9, 2022. Users who subscribe to this service will gain access to visual novels, anime shows, and theater performances of Otomate’s franchises like Hakuoki and Amnesia.

By paying a monthly membership fee of 858 yen (~$6.54), subscribers will be able to enjoy various otome franchises on web browsers. They can make payments with a credit card or a Japanese mobile phone carrier company. Idea Factory recommends users access the content on at least iOS 14.0, Android 11.0, or Windows 10 with the latest versions of Safari or Chrome browser.

The service includes content related to HakuokiHiiro no KakeraAmnesia, and Nil Admirari no Tenbin visual novels at launch. Subscribers can instantly access HakuokiHiiro no Kakera, and Amnesia visual novels. They can also watch the anime adaptations of the above four franchises, in addition to musical and stage shows of Hakuoki and Nil Admirari. The first episodes of the anime shows are available for free without an active subscription, although the platform still requires all viewers to create their own user accounts.

Idea Factory will add more otome games to the PC and mobile service lineup in the near future. It will begin the post-launch additions with two Nil Admirari visual novels in July 2022.

Otomate Collection is available for PCs and mobile web browsers in Japan.

Kite Stenbuck
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