Otome VN How To Sing To Open Your Heart Seeks To Connect Different Peoples Through Song


How to Sing to Open Your Heart, the follow-up to How to Fool a Liar King, puts players in the shoes of Myana, princess of the cat people, tasking them with carrying out a visit to the human kingdom to see how a peaceful pact between the peoples is faring. Not well, as they will soon find.


Myana’s visit to the human kingdom was meant to be a short one, but an outburst causes that trip to get far longer and leaves her with Ludovic, chief of the human’s Imperial Guards, far longer than she intended. This gruff man’s cold exterior makes him seem like he does not care for the time he’s forced to spend with Myana, but players, through their decisions, may find there are some connections that can be made between humans and cat people.

Players will work through the relationship between Myana and Ludovic, as well as experience the troubles being faced by the two races as they try to come together. As they play, they will work with Myana’s love of song to see if it can pierce the grim demeanor of the guard.


How to Sing to Open Your Heart will feature other characters and appearances from the previous games, and will offer full voice in Japanese with Japanese, English, and German subtitles.

How to Sing to Open Your Heart is currently raising development funding on Kickstarter.

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