Palatinus Equinox Tutorial Includes Elysian Realm Tips

Palatinus Equinox Tutorial Includes Elysian Realm Tips

As is usual for any new Honkai Impact 3rd battlesuit, there is now a tutorial video for Durandal’s Palatinus Equinox. “Otto Apocalypse” discusses what the character is capable of doing. But it not only goes over her basic moveset. It also shows characters she’d work well with for a combo and offers Elysian Realm tips.

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Once again, Palatinus Equinox is a IMG-type S-rank battlesuit that can deal physical damage. She’s also the first one to have two forms. People can swap between the more defensive Guardian and agile Knight. She also has an Ichor meter, which her skills can use. One example is how having Ichor means her Guardian Form could perform a move like the Equinox Severance charged attack. There is also a flowchart for the Knight form, showing what people can do when she’s riding Krishna by holding attack or evading.

After the halfway point, Otto’s tutorial discusses a possible team possibility and gets into the Elysian Realm suggestions. Specifically, he talks about how pairing her with Carole’s Sweet ’n’ Spicy battlesuit and Fu Hua’s Herrscher of Sentience battlesuit could work. When the Elysian Realm discussion begins, it suggests how Blessing of Aria and Blessing of Gallop will help. It also recommends Bronya’s Valkyrie Chariot and Murata’s Blood Rose battlesuits as supports.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for the PC and mobile devices, and Palatinus Equinox is out now as part of the 5.5 update.

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