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How to Get Agent Promotion Materials in Zenless Zone Zero

Agent Promotion is essential in Zenless Zone Zero, although it requires specific materials. While there are a few ways to get hold of these materials, there is one surefire way to get them regularly.

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What is the best way to get Agent Promotion Materials in Zenless Zone Zero

There are many ways to obtain Agent Promotion materials in Zenless Zone Zero. Many commissions and other activities will reward you with these items. However, the best way to obtain these regularly is through the Combat Simulation, which is unlocked after completing the commission Cat’s Lost and Found. There will be a short intermission which requires you to head to the HIA and take part in a VR simulation. This unlocks the Combat Simulation Training in the Compendium.

In Combat Simulation, you can access the Agent Promotion option. There are five types of combat sim available here, each one offering reward based on different types, depending on which Agent you’re trying to Promote. These are Attack, Stun, Anomaly, Support and Defense Drills. Simply select your choice and complete the combat challenge. Taking part in this challenge will use Battery Charge, so make sure you have some ready.

How do I use Agent Promotion Materials?

Once you’ve completed the appropriate Combat Simulation in Zenless Zone Zero, you can use these materials to use Agent Promotion. This allows you to enhance your Agent’s skills and stats, keeping them capable as the game’s challenges get tougher.

To access Agent Promotion, go to the Agents page and select who you want to Promote. On their Base Stats page, you can select their level to access the Level Up and Promotion page. You can use Investigator Logs to increase an Agent’s level. Every ten levels, you’ll need to Promote that Agent instead. This uses the Drill items to advance them to the next level.

Zenless Zone Zero is available now on the PC, PS5 and mobile devices.

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