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PlatinumGames’ Final Platinum 4 Announcement Will Be Revealed April 1, 2020

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PlatinumGames, the house of over the top action games like Metal Gear RisingBayonetta, and Astral Chain, has been full-on teasing its fanbase for weeks now. The subject of said teasing is the “Platinum 4,” a collection of announcements that have really changed PlatinumGames’ presence. From going independent to opening a new studio, these have been hefty reveals. And now, the Platinum 4 final announcement is upon us. Almost.

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PlatinumGames has been super coy regarding each of its new Platinum 4 announcements. The first one ended up being a surprisingly big deal, with The Wonderful 101 rising from the Wii U’s ashes and landing on Kickstarter for multiple platforms. Then, the studio announced Project G.G., a brand-new title led by director and Twitter legend Hideki Kamiya. Most recently was the opening of Platinum Games Tokyo, a new studio location that houses the Project G.G. team. We don’t know what number four is, but Kamiya has been quoted saying it’s “a doozy.”

And there it is. Something is about to go down in the world of PlatinumGames on April 1, 2020. Could this all have been leading up to an April Fools’ joke? Doubtful, but you can never tell what antics the folks at Platinum Games are getting into. We already know multiple titles, some barely revealed, are in development there. Could another new project be in the works as well? Or will Kamiya announce an abdication of his social media throne? Will they try to make another Ninja Turtles game? We’ll find out when the Platinum 4 final announcement breaks on April 1, 2020 on the official site.

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