Sony Interactive Entertainment is expected to reveal the PlayStation 4 Neo during an upcoming event on September 7 according to reports from Gameblog and Vice.


French gaming website Gameblog reported that Sony will reveal the upgraded PS4 during a September 7 event in New York. Vice Gaming also confirms that it’s heard the same information from multiple sources. According to an anonymous source from Vice, the event will be a “technical showcase,” and as of a few weeks ago, Sony was still nailing down what would actually be shown. Another source from Vice indicated that finalized development kits would be sent to developers around the same time.


Talk about the PlayStation Neo, or PlayStation 4K has been going around for a while now, and it’s been confirmed multiple times by several sources, including Sony Interactive entertainment president and CEO Andrew House back in June.


“PlayStation 4 Neo” is simply a code name for the time being, so we’ll get its official name during the September event. No other details have been confirmed thus far by Sony, but we can expect to see updated CPU, GPU, and more RAM in the upgraded console.

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