Pokemon Masters Cynthia Sync Pair Appears to Show What a Champion Can Do

pokemon masters cynthia

An iconic champion has joined Pokemon Masters. A new Sync Pair banner has brought Cynthia, from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, has arrived. Her Poke Fair Scout banner will be available until January 21, 2020. Since this is a Poke Fair banner, the official website notes, “5-star Sync Pairs have a 10% chance of appearing in the Poke Fair Scout.” As LexKitteh pointed out, Cynthia and Garchomp are boosted to 2%, due to them being a focus unit.

The Pokemon Masters Cynthia and Garchomp Sync Pair are a ground-type duo who deals physical strike damage. This also means the team is weak against ice-type attacks. Which makes sense, as ice is normally four times as effective against Garchomp in standard games, due to it being a dragon and ground-type Pokemon.

The duo’s offensive moves are Stomping Tantrum, which hits one opponent, and Earthquake, which hits every enemy. They also have This Match Is Too Fun!, which increases their critical rate and speed, especially if a sandstorm is raging, and X-Attack, which raises their attack. The Sync Move is Earthquake of Ancient Lore, which hits one opponent and turns Garchomp into Mega Garchomp for the rest of the fight. All of these moves are immediately available once you get Cynthia and Garchomp.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Some other recent additions include the Giovanni and Mewtwo and Rosa and Delibird Sync Pairs. It is also currently possible to get Solgaleo in the game.

Jenni Lada
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