First Pokemon Masters Legendary Sync Pair Will Be Mewtwo and Giovanni


A new message from the Pokemon Masters development team has been released, and it talks about the future of the game. In particular, it goes over the different sorts of Sync Pairs people will end up being able to encounter in the game. The most notable is the appearance of the first Legendary Sync Pair, which will be Mewtwo and Team Rocket’s Giovanni, but it also looks at some more ordinary allies.

The Pokemon Masters Mewtwo and Giovanni debut will occur during the December 4, 2019 Lurking Shadows event. People will have until December 18, 2019 to collect 800 Custom Vouchers from playing the game. If you do, you can reach a new area where you can meet and team up with Giovanni and Mewtwo. To improve this duo, you’ll need to collect even more Custom Vouchers to exchange for their custom growth items. After Mewtwo and Giovanni, the next Legendary Sync Pair will appear in early 2020.

A few of the other future Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs were revealed. The Grimsley * Liepard Spotlight Scout will be held from November 27-December 18, 2019. This will appear during the same time as the Legendary Event Support Rally. This rally will give people who appear every day 4,200 gems. From December 11-31, 2019, the Seasonal Exclusive Scout A will give people a chance to get the Rosa and Delibird Sync Pair and Scout B will let people get the Siebold and Octillery Sync Pair. The Cynthia and Garchomp and the Lance and Dragonite Sync Pairs will appear in 2020.

Finally, other improvements were revealed for Pokemon Masters. In January 2020, people will get a Sync Grid that lets you go through a skill tree to unlock attributes for each Sync Pair. In February 2020, the Battle Villa single-player Sync Pair battling mode will appear. It takes part in Lear’s vacation home.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. In October 2019, Calem joined.

Jenni Lada
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