Pokemon Masters Introduces New Supercourses and Begins a Welcome Back Rally

Pokemon Masters Welcome Back Rally

Pokemon Masters has received several new updates over the past two days. One of which includes the addition of the new Super Hard Supercourses. The Level-Up, Strike, Tech, Support, and Coin Supercourses have all received a Super Hard difficulty level. And for those that have not logged into Pokemon Masters within the past thirty days, a Welcome Back Rally has begun.

As one can probably guess, the new difficulties for the Supercourses are pretty self explanatory. Players can engage with these new difficulties to reap their rewards. Each respective Pokemon Masters Supercourse has their own rewards, and if you are looking to level up your favorite Sync Pairs or net some in-game currency you will want to participate in all of these. These Supercourses are not a limited time deal, so players can tackle them whenever they feel ready to.

For players that haven’t logged in for at least the last thirty days, Pokemon Masters currently has a Welcome Back Rally. This Rally offers a variety of log-in bonuses. However, in addition to the time specific requirements, returning players must have also completed Main Story Chapter 2 in the Pokemon Masters story in order to participate in special Welcome Back missions.

Late at the end of March 2020, Pokemon Masters added Team Skull Leader Guzma to the roster. Alongside his addition, Plumeria was included as well. Both of these Sync Pairs are part of a limited time banner. A special Team Skull event is currently taking place in Masters to celebrate the addition of these two fan favorite characters and their Pokemon.

DeNA has also released information regarding future content that will be added. This includes Pokemon Eggs, more challenging content based off the Elite Four and Champion battles, and more.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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