Pokemon Masters Updates Will Include Legendary Pokemon and Pokemon Eggs

pokemon masters updates

New Pokemon Masters updates are on the way. The official app has provided a plethora of information about things to come. New Legendary Pokemon will be appearing, but in a whole new way. Additional content also includes battles based on the Elite Four and Champions and Pokemon Eggs.

New Legendary Pokemon will be appearing in the Legendary arena. This arena will allow players to use a variety of different sync pairs to take them on. Deciding what Sync Pair to use will be extremely important as the Legendary Pokemon’s attack pattern will change based around the amount of HP it has left. DeNA mentioned that it is also thinking of ways to reward new players that may not be able to participate in this content to the fullest extent.

Pokemon Eggs are on the way in a future Pokemon Masters update. With the introduction of Pokemon Eggs, players will be able to freely choose Pokemon to pair up with the player character. While it is mentioned that players will be able to pick from a variety of fan favorites, no specific Pokemon were mentioned.

Content based on the Elite Four and Champion battles will also be implemented sometime soon. DeNA is looking for ways to emulate the feeling of facing these trainers.

New achievement rewards are on the horizon as well. As proof that players have overcome these challenges in Pokemon Masters, new medals will be offered as rewards. These medals will show off all of your achievements in Masters. This update is mostly cosmetic, but DeNA did mention that other rewards will come alongside these medals.

Other Pokemon Masters updates include a plan to rework Legendary Events to make them more accessible. The amount of replays required to collect important event items will be reduced. Additionally, rewards during these events will also be revised. The Sync Grid will also be revised in some way, but it was not specified how. However, DeNA says that it is paying close attention to player feedback regarding this feature.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. As a reminder, you can still claim the Professor Oak and Mew Sync Pair until March 15, 2020.

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