Pokemon Masters Adds Team Skull Event Alongside Guzma and Plumeria Scout Banner

Pokemon Masters Guzma Plumeria Team Skull Event

Team Skull has received their very own event in Pokemon Masters. This event comes out alongside the Guzma and Plumeria Scout Banners that had been previously announced. For a limited time, players can participate in this event to grab precious enhancement materials. Additional rewards include Sync Orbs for both Team Skull Sync Pairs as well.

Similar to the Eleza and Rotom Sync Pair event, by participating players can grab travel tokens to travel the event map. In order to grab travel tokens, all players need to do is participate in event specific battles. Completing the event map will progress the special Team Skull-centric story and, obviously, give players rewards. Players will have a fair amount of time to grind the event at a leisurely pace, as this event ends on April 14, 2020.

In addition to this, the Guzma and Plumeria Sync Pair Scout Banner is now live in Pokemon Masters. Each Sync Pair has their own specialties. Plumeria and Salazzle are Special Strike Sync Pair that deal massive poison damage. Guzma on the other hand is a very welcome addition to the roster. He and his bug-type Pokemon join as the only five star bug-type Sync Pair. Team Skull fans will not want to miss out on these great new additions to the already expansive roster of Masters. This special Sync Pair Scout Banner will end on April 14, 2020.

DeNA has also announced plans for future Pokemon Masters content. Pokemon Eggs will be added sometime this Summer. New content that is based off of the Elite Four and Champion battles in the Pokemon series will be coming as well. In addition to this, new Legendary Pokemon Battles are scheduled to be part of the upcoming updates. So if you’re looking to get started or return to Pokemon Masters, now is a good a time as ever.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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