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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer Introduces the Paldean Journey

Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Nintendo debuted a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as the game’s November 18th release date draws closer. The new trailer highlights the “Paldean Journey” of four particular player-controlled trainers, showing off slices of the game in action.

Check out the extended gameplay trailer below.

Through the trainers’ individual journeys, the trailer focuses on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s unique features. A major new addition emphasized encounters with Terastallizing, a unique Paldean phenomenon. Terastallizing a Pokemon causes it to take on a crystalline form, enhancing the moves that match its Tera type. There are 18 different Tera types, and any Pokemon can have any one of them, adding variation even between Pokemon of the same species. Tera Pokemon can be encountered in the wild and captured, so players can look out for unusual or rare type/Tera type combinations. In the cooperative Tera Raid battles, players will have chances to capture Pokemon with rare Tera types, like a Chansey with a Ghost Tera type. Terastallized Pokemon can also use a new move called Tera Blast, an attack that uses the Tera type of the Pokemon that’s Terastallized.

Meanwhile, players tackling the story can take on Team Star in the “Starfall Street” storyline. They can bust into Team Star’s bases, taking on Team Star Grunts’ Pokemon by using the previously detailed “Let’s Go” function. “Let’s Go” sends out a Pokemon to take independent action, like retrieving faraway items or even battling on their own. Players will also take on boss characters, like Mela, boss of Team Star’s Fire Crew.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer also revealed the TM Machine, a sort of crafting system that uses items dropped by Pokemon and trainers in battle. In the trailer, the player created a TM to teach her Drifloon the Icy Wind skill. This TM-using trainer followed the “Path of Legends” story, where players seek out legendary herbs. This portion of the trailer featured a fight with a Titan Pokemon. It also showed off link trading and introduced Farigiraf, a giraffe-like Pokemon that evolves from Girafarig.

Then there’s the “Victory Road” storyline, involving conquering the regional gyms. As in previous Pokemon games, gyms require tests for entry and feature battles with the gym’s leader. The trailer showcased a fight with Brassius, the Grass Gym Leader. Other features demonstrated things like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s cosmetic customization, the camera app, and new Pokemon hangout activities. Trainers can play ball with their Pokemon, wash and scrub them, and go on picnics. During picnics, they’ll prepare sandwiches to gain buffs.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launch on November 18, 2022, on the Nintendo Switch.

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