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Pokémon Sword And Shield Poké Jobs Will Put Pokémon You Aren’t Using To Work




Pokémon Sword and Shield will introduce a new feature that keeps Pokémon you had been storing in your boxes useful. When you visit a Poké Center, you will be able to check in at a Poké Jobs kiosk to send the creatures that you have, but aren’t using, off to work.


The Pokémon Sword and Shield  official website looked at how this new option works. There will be a kiosk with a Rotomi, a Rotom who handles Poké Jobs, at any Poké Center. When you check in with one, you can participate in the Loto-ID lottery, check your boxes, or apply for work. When you look for work, you’ll see all the companies looking for help from Pokémon.


Each Poké Job listing will offer some information. You can see what kinds of Pokémon would be needed, find out what the experience point reward would be, see how many you could send, and determine how long your creatures will be there working. They’ll go straight from your boxes to the gig. When they get back, they’ll have acquired experience, base points, and perhaps even items.


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Pokémon Sword and Shield will come to the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

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