Pre-Registrations For Turn-Based Pixel Art RPG X Monsters Now Open



Summer Vacation Inc. has opened up pre-registrations for its upcoming action-RPG X Monsters (thanks 2P). You can sign-up for iOS right here and for Android over here.


The plan is to launch the game in January or February 2016. It’s a game that focuses on fast-paced turn-based strategy with a variety of pixel art heroes and monsters.


Progression is had be leveling up characters with equipment and skills – any skill can be taken from weak to powerful so long as you have enough materials. There’s also a “crystal system” that lets you tweak a character’s role.


The game hosts an Arena where both PvE and PvP can take place. It also has a Boss Raid mode that lets you acquire rare materials as well as pets to accompany your characters.

Chris Priestman