Prepare A Market Stall And Shop For Delightful Goodies In Mineko’s Night Market




Mineko’s Night Market will have Mineko and Abe the Cat wandering their town, finding all sorts of delicious food to eat, oddball townsfolk to befriend, and opportunities to be had for their stall in the evening market.




Mineko’s Night Market gives players the freedom to get to know their peaceful town during the day, combing the streets for friends, business partners, and other bonuses. Should they wish to head to the countryside and woods, they’ll be able to find rare items, possibly allowing them to have some wonderful things to sell at their stall.


By evening, players will be able to run their stall amongst the other market vendors. They won’t be trapped there, though, being able to shop for trinkets and food while meeting customers and vendors. Players can choose to split their attention however they like, focusing on their business to the exclusion of all else, or letting it take a back seat to a more generous, relaxed approach.




Mineko’s Night Market is early in development, but has already showcased an adorable, quirky art style filled with strange characters, cute vendors, and many different cuddly cats for the player to meet on their journey.


There is no release date for Mineko’s Night Market at this time.

Alistair Wong
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