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Preparing For Multiplayer Matches In Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth



Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth offers online multiplayer matches, for those daring enough to attempt a random assault against another player. Even better, it doesn’t take long to find an opponent. However, that doesn’t mean you’re in for an easy experience. There are people out there who are putting tons of time and effort into training their Digimon, and they’re merciless.


This is especially if you’re pitted against someone from Japan, as they’ve had the game since March 12, 2015. You can’t determine who you face, after an online match is selected, so there’s always the risk of someone incredibly powerful showing up to wallop you. Which is why you need to take every precaution. The only thing that keeps you out of online battles is if your party memory is over 150, after all.


There are basically two keys to success if you want to get competitive, and both of them involve level grinding. You’re going to want Digimon with high ability (ABI) levels, which determine how many bonus stat points they can earn, and you’re going to want them to be Ultimate level or higher.




Getting to the Ultimate level isn’t too difficult. There are plenty of opportunities to earn experience. You can battle with them, send them to the farm, or use Tactician USB. These are an item that doubles earned experience. You’ll get one of these in Chapter 19, but you can also make them in the Digifarm. You have to set the course of action to development, have a Builder Digimon in the lead, choose the 1,000 cash option, and have purchased Developer Know-How for the farm, but it’ll be worth it. If you have it equipped, it’ll boost experience for every Digimon in your active party after a battle.


It’s getting the additional stats that get to be an issue. While you can eventually buy a bonus stat reducer, which helps you manage any bonuses you may have inadvertently distributed early on, competitive Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth players will want to think about training characters they really like immediately. But before that, let’s talk about ABI.


If a Digimon’s ABI is 100, then you get 100 bonus stats. You want that. Not only will it make you a force in multiplayer, since bonus stats are added on top of the level 50 standardized stats across the board, but high ABIs and ridiculous stats are required to get some of the best characters in the game. While there is a mystery meat item you can use to immediately increase ABI, you only get a set number in-game. After the ending, they’re incredibly expensive. It isn’t cost effective to go that route. While it takes more time, the best thing to do is evolve and devolve a Digimon you’re investing in early on. You’ll probably only focus on two or three specific characters, so it won’t be as grueling as you’d expect.




Once the ABI has reached 100, you have to think about what you want to do with that Digimon. There’s a fantastic flowchart guide on GameFaqs by Draken70 that goes through every character in the game. You can see if who you have will eventually turn into the one you want. After ABI has been maxed, sit down at your computer and track all of the possible evolutions. The path you take will determine the inherited skills a Digimon will take with it to its final evolution. There are specific abilities you’ll want, healing abilities in particular, and this moment is the time to figure out how to get them.


Only after you’ve put this time in should the Digifarm come into play. Once you reach the Champion level for a character, you might have to start training to get stats necessary to reach specific evolution options. If camaraderie isn’t an issue, then you’ll want to go with 30 minute Tough Courses for the best results. Look at your Digimon and what stat you want. You’ll need a Fighter for attack, Defender for defense, Brainy for intelligence, Nimble for speed, Durable for health, and Lively for skill points. While the bonus percentage is negligible for overall influence based on personality, it’s critical for training. Say you want a character to max out intelligence. You’ll want to buy the patch in Eden to change it’s personality to Brainy, set have a Brainy Leader in the Digifarm, put any characters you want to become genius out to pasture, and wait 30 minutes. Keep repeating this, and you’ll be all set.


All of this will take a lot of time. Fortunately, Digimon training is rather captivating. To be honest, the way in which online multiplayer is handled left me a little discouraged and disheartened, so I abandoned the way of the warrior and have been attempting to go for the cutest characters possible. But it might be fun for you! Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is a delightful game, immediately available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and I absolutely recommend giving the competitive scene a shot.

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