Project HON Will Heavily Focus On Strategic Plays And RPG Elements


Project HON is an upcoming mecha action/shooting RPG by NCsoft, which takes place after World War III. 4Gamer follows up their previous report with some additional information and screenshots for the game.

After World War III, the planet has been polluted due to the effects of radiation poison, so mankind struggled to find a way to continue living. This caused turf wars between the American and Asian Continents, who battled out using a new technology of mecha.

Scientists researched so heroes can fight more effectively, which began with the establishment of “Project HON” (Humanoid robot On Neuro-control), a technology that lets the soldiers control machines using their mind.

According to the producer of Project HON, Minjoon Koo, the game isn’t what you’d consider a “one-shot, one kill” title, as it relies more on strategy than anything. Unlike your traditional FPS games, it will also heavily focus on RPG elements to go with customizable parts for your mech.

At the end of the latest video for the game, there was a part that read “for Mobile,” and while we don’t know what to expect from it, there will be some kind of development for smartphone.

Again, NCsoft CEO Taek Jin Kim previously mentioned that for NCsoft’s next work, “we won’t make it a PC only game,” so it should be safe to assume that there might be some sort of mobile version for the game, or at least some sort of crossover feature.

Project HON is currently in development for PC.

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