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Project Sakura Wars Has Steampunk Smartphones, And A Classic Storyline


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More info from this week’s Famitsu feature for Project Sakura Wars have surfaced online, revealing some interesting tidbits, including how now smartphones exist in the world in some form, who else is working on the title, and more. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089!]


For the major points in the interview, including how the project got started, how Bleach mangaka Tite Kubo got onboard the project, and gameplay details, check out our previous post here. You can also read about the new Imperial Combat Revue Floral Division members here.


Here are the highlights:

  • You advance the story by going to specific spots on the map and talking to specific people to trigger the event.


  • Steampunk mobile gadgets called ‘Smartrons’ now exist in the world. You can check the map and contact people using it.


  • Masashi Kudou, a key animator from Studio Pierrot who helped adapt the Bleach anime is also helping turn Tite Kubo’s designs into 3D models. Kubo was the one who recommended him, and said, “If anyone can do it, it’s him.”


  • The development team was shocked at Kubo’s drawing speed. After meeting him and then going back to Sega offices, they were surprised to find rough sketches already sent over.


  • The game’s story will feature a classic storyline that is Sakura Wars-esque.


  • Takaaki Suzuki, a design advisor known for his historical accuracy advice for Girls und Panzer, GATE, and more, is helping with Project Sakura Wars.


  • Mecha design is once again being handled by Akitaka Mika. Apart from Mika and Suzuki, the staff tease that there are other talented, well-known people attached to the project.


  • The staff vouch for Project Sakura Wars protagonist Seijuurou Kamiyama, saying he’s an interesting fellow who can also be made into handsome and charming person or a comical buffoon depending on the player’s choices. The staff also say to look forward to that series-traditional bathroom scene.


  • Main heroine Sakura Amamiya is cheery but a bit clumsy, while Hatsuho is a different sort of character from Kanna from the original Sakura Wars. There’s a reason Azami dresses the way she does. Also, the staff say that Claris has a foul mouth, saying things like, “Please go to hell!” The staff recommend her to people who want to be scolded by voice actress Saori Hayami.


  • Staff from the Imperial Theatre and from each country’s Combat Revues will appear, and the dev team says that people will be surprised at the casting.


  • Regarding the characters from Sakura Wars to Sakura Wars V, the staff aren’t able to say anything at this point in time. However, they would like it be known that this game is a direct continuation of the series, with all that it means.


  • There are around 70-80 music tracks, and they are aiming to have the most amount of vocal tracks in the series, ranging from ones where everyone sings, to solo tracks. As for whether the theatre troupes from each country will have their own songs, the staff answered with a chuckle, “Who knows?”


Project Sakura Wars is coming to Japan on PlayStation 4 in Winter 2019, and in NA and EU in Spring 2020.

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