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Project Sakura Wars Introduces Oboro, Bond Gauge, And Combination Attacks


Famitsu has released a bit of info on Project Sakura Wars that will be expanded upon in their latest issue this week, focusing on the villain Oboro, as well as some screenshots of the Bond Gauge and Combination Attacks.


Oboro (CV: Daisuke Kishio)

A high-level Kouma who appeared alongside Yasha. He derives pleasure from sending people into despair. He specializes in genjutsu used to confuse opponents before putting them down.


Puppet Fighter Arahabaki

A flying-type Kouma soldier that Oboro rides. Its skirt-like armor is distinctive, and can attack using mini weapons controlled remotely, alongside genjutsu.


Puppet Fighter Kyoukotsu

A giant Kouma fused with a Puppet Fighter as armor. Its overwhelming power deriving purely from its body strength threatens to overwhelm the Floral Division. Its head is the weak point, so dodge its powerful attacks and attack with jump attacks.


Imperial Combat Revue Wind Division Combat Outfits


Bond Gauge

As previously discussed, during the battle sections your suit abilities are affected by how strong your bonds are with other members of the Imperial Combat Revue. The starting bond level can be affected by your actions in the Adventure part, and can also deepen in combat.


Combination Attacks

Combination Attacks are special attacks that can be used only once each battle if certain requirements are fulfilled. After the cutsene, Kamiyama and the heroine’s machines will be powered-up.



“Meeting of Fate”



It’s a festival, oisa!”



The duo’s Mochizuki-style finisher”



The legendary constellations”



The moon is beautiful tonight”


Project Sakura Wars will release on PlayStation 4 on December 12, 2019. The game will release on NA and Europe in Spring 2020.

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