Ragnarok ORIGIN Screenshots Give Fans a Glimpse of this New Take on the Classic MMORPG


New screenshots of the upcoming mobile MMORPG title Ragnarok ORIGIN have been released. These images give fans a glimpse of this new take on the classic MMORPG. Announced at G-STAR 2019, ORIGIN will aim to recreate the classic feeling of the much beloved massively multiplayer online role-playing game. [Thank you, 4Gamer!]

Unlike the classic iteration of the game, ORIGIN will be a 3D adaptation. The classic pixel sprites have been replaced with 3D models that try to invoke the original feeling and style of the 2D artwork. Additionally, this is not to be confused with Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, developer Gravity aims to give fans a more detailed experience with better character models and effects. You can check out these Ragnarok ORIGIN new screenshots below. These images provide a look at the new character models, the town square, fishing, combat, and more.


Additionally, another game in the Ragnarok franchise is scheduled to release. Ragnarok Tactics will be launching on mobile devices in Korea on March 31, 2020. While sharing a title with the PSP entry, these two games are not the same but they will play similarly.

Ragnarok ORIGIN will launch in Korea during the third quarter of 2020. There has been no announcement of a worldwide release for ORIGIN.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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