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How to Adjust to Ayaka Being Around for a While in Genshin Impact

Reasons Why Ayaka is a Pretty Great Genshin Impact Character

Well, people are in for quite a time in Genshin Impact going forward! Due to circumstances, there current Event Wishes won’t be changing in-game for a while. This means Ayaka Kamisato is the featured five-star unit for a time! There’s nothing left here but her. Ayaka and the Traveler can be together forever. You know, should someone decide to pull on the banner. Which might work out for a player who isn’t psyched about the next five-star, Yelan. There’s something kind of enticing about Ayaka being the stay-at-home partner in Genshin Impact. Basically, she’s it for a while. So people might wonder if there are any reasons to add her to their party. Well, there are a few.

Ayaka is Easy to Use in Genshin Impact.

People don’t need to adjust their play style to use Ayaka. You need to change things up with a catalyst-user with a strange range like Klee or a claymore-wielder like Beidou who excels at counters. Ayaka uses a sword, which is easy to chain into combos. Just keep hitting a button, and she can string up to five hits together. Her charged attack is helpful too, as it deals a flurry of AOE hits in front of her.

Ayaka’s elemental reactions in Genshin Impact are also useful. Cryo is one of the best ones out there. On its own, it makes an enemy you’re facing use up more stamina. But it works wonderfully with Electro, Hydro, and Pyro. Cryo and Electro leads to Superconduct, which deals more AOE damage to foes and makes them take more damage from physical attacks. Cryo paired with Hydro freezes foes, which makes it easier to defeat a group. Putting Cryo and Pyro together means everything Melts, which leads to attacks dealing more damage. This means she works wonderfully with her brother Ayato and any Electro, Hydro, or Pyro character in-game.

Ayaka also allows for easy application of Cryo on opponents. Her dash attack turns her into an icy fog. Any opponent she runs past gets Cryo applied to them. It also means her attacks deal Cryo damage for a brief time after she stops running. It’s a good way to get foes to chill out. Also, her Elemental Burst and Skill both mean she could use the attack, then leave the field if you want to use someone else. Kamisato Art: Hyouka does immediate AOE Cryo damage to a group in front of her, lifting them into the air. Her Kamisato Art: Soumetsu sends what is essentially a brief snow tornado forward to attack enemies for a time. Because she can pop in and out to be helpful, it means she can be in the party and assist even if she’s at a much lower level than the rest of your group.

Reasons Why Ayaka is a Pretty Great Genshin Impact Character

Ayaka isn’t Demanding.

There are certain pieces of equipment that feel designated for Ayaka. Essentially, you want to focus on improving her Cryo damage, critical hit damage, and critical hit rate. So Mistsplitter Reforged, her signature five-star sword, is ideal. It prioritizes critical damage and offers an elemental damage bonus. But others can be a good fit too. In terms of other five-star swords, Skyward Blade is good due to its increased crit rate, boosted energy recharge, and bonuses for using Elemental Bursts.

Four-star swords you get from quests or events can also work. Amenoma Kageuchi, which can be earned from The Farmer’s Treasure quest, helps due to its attack boosts and Elemental Skill bonuses. The Chalk Prince and the Dragon’s Festering Desire sword is an option, as it increases her elemental crit rate and her Elemental Skill damage, while making it easier for her to recharge energy. The Black Sword, which comes from the Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass, could be considered as well. This is thanks to its increased crit rate, it boosting her normal and charge attack damage, and its ability to restore her health when she lands critical hits. She’s flexible, which is always handy in a game with a lot of characters.

That flexibility also applies to possible artifact sets. Yes, Blizzard Strayer is ideal. It provides a 15% Cryo damage bonus with two pieces and increases her crit rate both when opponents have Cryo applied to them and are frozen. But there are a lot of others someone could go with in Genshin Impact. If you aren’t going to have Ayaka on the field all the time, Noblesse Oblige can work. It would prioritize her Elemental Burst damage, while also ensuring her allies deal more damage after she uses Kamisato Art: Soumetsu. If you have a bunch of Gladiator’s Finale stuff lying around, that’s fine too. She can always use attack and normal attack bonuses.

Ayaka Often Appears in Genshin Impact Storylines.

Ever since Ayaka made her Genshin Impact debut, she’s appeared prominently in-game. The heroine is an Inazuma fixture. She first shows up during The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia, the first act of the game’s second Archon Quest chapter. She’s a force of action throughout that chapter, with her influence helping The Traveler through the story.

Ayaka is also one of the five-star characters with her own story quest. Chapter 1 of Grus Nivis is available. If you completed The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia and hit Adventure Rank 30, you can undertake it to learn more about her.

Most recently, she was one of the stars of Hues of the Violet Garden event. That’s the Inazuma festival added in 2.6. In order to unlock new activities, you had to take part in the True Tales of the Violet Garden quests. She made her appearance during A New Painting in Pale Scarlet and played a part in the rest of that storyline.

T h e r e   i s   N o   O t h e r   O p t i o n .

We don’t have any other five-star limited units. It is all Ayaka now. She was supposed to leave again on May 10, 2022. But now she’s not! Unless Diluc, Jeane, Keqing, Mona, or Qiqi pity break you when pulling on the banner, she’s there. Waiting.

Reasons Why Ayaka is a Pretty Great Genshin Impact Character

Aren’t you ready to spend eternity together with Ayaka?

Genshin Impact is available for the PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices. It will also come to the Nintendo Switch eventually. The Ayaka banner is available in-game for w h o   k n o w s   h o w   l o n g   m a y b e   f o r e v e r .

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