Recruit Final Fantasy X Heroes In Final Fantasy Record Keeper Until January 11th



The latest challenge event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper lets you recruit a number of Final Fantasy X characters. It kicked off on January 1st and lasts until January 11th.


If you’re able to beat the challenge then you’ll get to recruit Rikku, Auron, Tidus, Yuna, and Wakka, as well find their Memory Crystals to break their level cap. If you’ve already got any of the heroes then you’ll receive a Greater Growth Egg instead.


You can also get the chance to recruit Lulu if you accept the quest “Complete Kilika Woods Classic (X).” Kimahri is also recruitable if you complete “Mushroom Rock Road Classic (X).”


Finally, a new ability has been added – it’s a three-star Weak Polka, for Dancer types, and its effect is temporarily lowering the attack of enemies.

Chris Priestman