As A Refugee, Make The Long Journey To Europe In HomeBehind



Civil war has broken out. Your family members are missing. Your life is in ruins. Your only hope lies 3000km away, across lands filled with soldiers, dangerous strangers, wild animals, disease, injury, and loneliness, in HomeBehind, a roguelike about a refugee trying to find safety.




The English version of HomeBehind puts players on a randomly-generated road, tasking them with surviving the events on it. Food and water will be major concerns, but players will also have to keep an eye on their mood as well as deal with injuries and sickness if they’re to live long.




Fifteen different jobs will allow players to start the game in various states and give them access to skill trees of unique abilities. Players can also scavenge tools and items to build equipment and weapons for themselves along the way. These can be found on their route, or received from the game’s various NPCs. The other characters can be enemies just as often as they’re allies, though.




The game will also feature day/night cycles as well as different weather that will have an effect on the player.

Alistair Wong
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