At the New York Comic-Con, Capcom held a panel featuring producer Mat Hart and lead artist Aleksi Briclot, both members of the Remember Me development team, who showed off playable footage from the game and discussed its world. You can watch the panel in its entirety below:



A few points of interest from the panel:


  • Remember Me takes place in Neo-Paris, a city that has gone through civil war and natural disasters. When the game takes place, the city is in an era of regrowth and re-construction.


  • Citizens are looking forward to a period of peace. The new memory technology, Memoreyes, that the game’s story works around, lets them forget painful memories of the past.


  • In the world of Remember Me, memories are bought, shared, traded, and stolen. Memories are analogous to social networks like Twitter. Everyone has a memory implant that allows them to record their memories.


  • Neo-Paris is divided into three areas: Deep-Paris (slums), Mid-Paris (closest to current-day Paris), and High-Paris (a Utopia filled with high-reaching towers where people freely share memories).


  • The goal, art-wise, was to create a believable future. One example of this is how jeans are still in fashion and Nilin wears them, but that she also wears futuristic-looking gear on her arms.


  • The device on Nilin’s right arm is a “Spammer”. It allows her to fire pieces of junk data that can be used to overload other people’s sensory devices, which are the aforementioned memory device implants everyone has.



Remember Me will be released in May 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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