Reminder: Yakuza Karaoke Spotify EPs Include Hits Like ‘Bakamitai’

yakuza karaoke yakuza bakamitai

Need some Yakuza karaoke tracks to act as a “pick me up” today? Maybe you need to hear Kazuma Kiryu (aka Takaya Kuroda) sing “Bakamitai” to kick start your day? Well, here’s a reminder that the Sega Sound Team Spotify includes four EPs with karaoke performances from the game. Whether you’re a fan of Kiryu’s greatest hits or need to hear Goro Majima’s “24-hour Cinderella” a few times, you’ll be covered.

The four EPs cover different characters’ performances throughout the series. There’s one for Kiryu, one for Majima, one with Ichiban Kasuga’s hits (for those who don’t mind spoilers), and a various artists EP with tracks from Taiga Saejima, Shinpachi Nagamura, Hana, Ikumatsu, and Yuki. Yes, this means you also get Taiga’s rendition of “Bakamitai.”

Here are the links and full track listings for all four on Spotify.

Kazuma Kiryu Karaoke Hit Song Collection, performed by Takaya Kuroda

  1. “Today Is a Diamond” (Full Spec Edition)
  2. “Hands” (Full Spec Edition)
  3. “Tonight –restart from this night-“ (Full Spec Edition)
  4. “Judgement –Shinpan-“ (Full Spec Edition)
  5. “Machine Gun Kiss” (Full Spec Edition)
  6. “Bakamitai” (Taxi Driver Edition)

Goro Majima Karaoke Hit Song Collection, performed by Hidenari Ugaki

  1. 24-hour Cinderella” (Full Spec Edition)
  2. “Zetsubou-cho Pride” (Maji Spec Edition)
  3. “Get to the Top!” (Remix of The End)
  4. “Shiawase-nara-iiya” (Full Spec Edition)
  5. “Samurai ondo” (Full Spec Edition)
  6. “Majima Construction’s Song” *Full Spec Edition)

Ryu ga Gotoku 7 Karaoke New Song Collection

  1. “Akuma no Jigokunabe” (Full Spec Edition) by Ichiban Kasuga (Kazuhiro Nakaya)
  2. “Yume Mita Sugata e” (Full Spec Edition) by Ichiban Kasuga
  3. “Harukaze” (Full Spec Edition) by Saeko Mukouda (Sumire Uesaka)
  4. “Machine Gun Kiss” (Police Spec Edition) by Koichi Adachi (Akio Otsuka)
  5. “Akuma no Jigokunabe” (Mafia Spec Edition) by Tiaonyou Zhao (Nobuhiko Okamoto)

Ryu ga Gotoku Karaoke Hit Song Collection

  1. “Sunshine” (Full Spec Edition) by Yuki (Manami Sugihira)
  2. “Ring” (Full Spec Edition) by Yuki
  3. “Rain Drops” (Full Spec Edition) by Hana (Aya Hirano)
  4. “Asura Komachi” (Full Spec Edition) by Ikumatsu (Aya Hirano)
  5. “Kokyo ni Nishiki we Kazarubeshi” (Full Spec Edition) by Shinpachi Nagakura (Rikiya Koyama)
  6. “Bakamitai” (Full Spec Edition) by Taiga Saejima (Rikiya Koyama)

The seventh Yakuza game, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC in November 2020, and the PlayStation 5 sometime after.

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