Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs. Takes A Shot At iTunes


The Nintendo 3DS won’t be the only game getting a standalone Mercenaries-style Resident Evil game; the iPhone is getting one, too. Or rather, it already has, and you can grab it now for a discounted launch price off iTunes.


Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs. comes with three playable characters at the outset: Chris, Wesker and Jill. The iPhone game is different from the Nintendo 3DS version, as it focuses on “versus” play. While local wireless multiplayer is limited to two people, the maximum number of simultaneous players over the Internet is higher at four, and the game can be played in three different ways.


If you have two players in the same game, you go head-to-head. If you have four players, you can either play a free-for-all game or a 2-on-2 “versus” Team match. In all of these modes, you’ll also have to deal with the usual Ganados and zealots in addition to taking out other players.


Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs. has an interesting “Revenge” feature. This is a bonus you get for when you kill an opposing player who has either killed you or, in a team game, a player that has killed your partner. If the opposing player has killed both you and your partner, Revenge will be higher.


Mercenaries Vs. also has a singleplayer mode, which Capcom recommend using to train your aim and get accustomed to the controls. Multiplayer modes can be either a Quick Match where your fellow players are selected for you, or a Custom Match, where you can create/join sessions. If you’re added as a certain player’s friend, you’ll have a “reserved seat” in their session.


You can also view another player’s profile prior to the start of the match so you can think of your strategy and adjust your loadout accordingly. Here’s what each character’s weapon choices are:


Chris Redfield: Handgun, Shotgun, Hand Grenade

Jill Valentine: Handgun, Sub-Machine gun, Flash Grenade

Albert Wesker: Handgun, Magnum, Shotgun (Hydra) , Land mine


Look past the screenshots below to see how the game controls.


Ishaan Sahdev
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