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Ritsuko And Yukiho Take The Stage In New The Idolmaster: Stella Stage Trailers


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New The Idolmaster: Stella Stage trailers have been appearing to introduce folks to new and old idols. The latest videos take a look at two heroines who have been with the series since the very beginning. Get ready to see Ritsuko Akizuki and Yukiho Hagiwara again!


Ritsuki Akizuki



Ritsuko is a character who has appeared in every The Idolmaster game. In The Idolmaster 2, has resumed her role as staff at 765 Productions and “claims” she does not miss being an idol, acting as the producer for Ryuuguu Komachi. (She will occasionally appear with her group.) She is a very business-minded and mature woman, and her cousin Ryo Akizuki is an idol in The Idolmaster: Dearly Stars on the Nintendo DS. She performs “Mahou o Kakete” in her trailer, which is a song that made its debut in the original The Idolmaster arcade game. This song also happens to be one of her “personal” songs, which meant in some past games her stats would be boosted while she sang it because she “likes” it.


Yukiho Hagiwara



Yukiho is a shy young woman who has also been with The Idolmaster series since the very beginning. Interestingly enough, she is an idol who has had two voice actresses! Originally, Yurina Hase voiced Yukiho, but Azumi Asakura has been her voice actress since The Idolmaster 2. She does well on-stage, but can need a little extra encouragement behind-the-scenes as she psyches herself up and tries to grow into a stronger person, due to her timidness. She performs “Kosmos, Cosmos,” which was introduced in The Idolmaster SP for the PlayStation Portable. It is one of Yukiho’s personal songs.


Previous The Idolmaster: Stella Stage videos have looked at Shika, Hibiki, Yayoi, and Iori.


The Idolmaster: Stella Stage will come to the PlayStation 4 in Japan on December 21, 2017.

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