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Rymdresa To Bring Eerie, Poetic Space Exploration To Wii U, PC, And iPad



Russian developer Morgondag released a new trailer for its upcoming space exploration game Rymdresa that covers many of the features that the game has.


First thing to note is that this is a procedurally generated space odyssey in which you are a space pilot who launches from their home with only a few coordinates to guide your curiosity. You’re able to customize your ship, explore the big and silent expanses of space to eerie music, and encounter other planets, species, and items as a poetic journey realized through its voice-acted diary and abstract art unfolds.



As the trailer reveals, outer space is infinite in the game, but there are missions and and quests to chase down inside of it, and these mainly involve probing planets to gather resources, collecting powerful items, and dealing with hostile enemy ships. Eventually, you should find new parts for your ship, as well as completely new ships that you can unlock that each have different stats to help you advance.


Rymdresa is currently in beta on Steam for PC. Once it’s finished, it will be heading to Wii U and iPad too. You can find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman