Sailor Moon Cosmos Movie Will Cover Final Story Arc

sailor moon cosmos

The final arc, or the Shadow Galactica arc, of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime will appear on the silver screen as Sailor Moon Cosmos. Both parts of the movie will appear back-to-back in early Summer 2023. This movie is part of the 30th anniversary of the Sailor Moon franchise. As the movie will cover events from the final arc of the original Sailor Moon manga, this will likely be the finale of the Sailor Moon Crystal series.

Here is the trailer for Sailor Moon Cosmos:

The trailer starts with Usagi wondering if her friends would have even helped her or stayed with her if she wasn’t a Sailor Guardian. She also notes that she involves her friends in battles or conflicts due to her power. Usagi’s isolation from her loved ones is shown in the trailer. In addition, there is a very brief cameo from the main antagonist, Sailor Galaxia.

Sailor Moon Crystal first started airing in 2014. Unlike the original anime from the ’90s, Crystal more closely follows the events of the manga, as well as adheres closer to Naoko Takeuchi’s art style in the manga. An earlier two-part movie, Sailor Moon: The Eternal, as well as the series, are available for streaming via services such as Netflix.

Sailor Moon Crystal is available on streaming services such as Crunchyroll and Netflix. The two-part Sailor Moon Cosmos movie will come out in early Summer 2023 in Japan. It is unclear if and when it will appear for the overseas audience.

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