Sample Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend With A January Demo

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Koei Tecmo is going to give PlayStation 4 owners a little taste test of Arslan: The Warriors of Legend. A demo is going to be released on the North American PlayStation Store on January 12. No Xbox One demo has been announced.


The Arslan: The Warriors of Legend demo will take content directly from the game. People will go through a brief tutorial stage, in which Arslan and his bodyguard, Daryun, are both playable. The Weapon Arts and Mardan Rush attacks will both be able to be used in this segment, which goes through one of the first stage’s primary missions.


Arslan_TheWarriorsOfLegend_ScreensDemo03 Arslan_TheWarriorsOfLegend_ScreensDemo01


The cooking feature in Arslan: The Warriors of Legend won’t be appearing in the demo. Elam is around to cook for characters in the game’s Free Mode. If you collect recipes during missions in Story mode, a meal can be cooked for party members before they head out on a mission. The food will provide various status buffs that could make the ensuing fight easier, with some of the benefits being increased health or attack, or the ability to earn extra experience or money. Finding food is optional, but people who have trouble getting through challenges may want to seek some recipes out.


Arslan_TheWarriorsOfLegend__ScreensCooking04 Arslan_TheWarriorsOfLegend__ScreensCooking01 Arslan_TheWarriorsOfLegend__ScreensCooking02 Arslan_TheWarriorsOfLegend__ScreensCooking03


Arslan: The Warriors of Legend will come to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 9. The second season of the Arslan anime will also begin running in 2016.

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