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See Street Fighter V’s Dan Taunt Himself in the TGS 2020 Footage

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During Capcom’s TGS 2020 presentations, people got to see a pretty good look at the Street Fighter V Dan DLC. There was a whole block of time dedicated to looking at his moveset. Apparently, he’ll be a character with some aggressive attacks, returning iconic moves, and plenty of taunts. In fact, both of his V-Skills will actually be taunts.

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To make things easier for people, Capcom uploaded Dan’s gameplay clip alone to its YouTube account. Both his trademark Gadoken and Danretsuken will return in Street Fighter V. With the Gadoken, it’s as anticlimactic as usual. However, here someone could hold the punch button to both delay it and increase its range. With the Danretsuken, people could create combos by linking it to his other attacks.

The highlight comes in the latter half of the video. As mentioned earlier, his V-Skills will be taunts, and we see one of them in the footage. That one can apparently cancel special moves. There are normal taunts for him as well, though they were described as “useless.” However, during the actual stream, the translator noted that Dan will have “executable hidden commands.” You can even see a bit of his legendary taunt, where “something silly might happen at the end.”

If you’d like to see it with English commentary, the Capcom USA Twitch account has the footage. (Dan’s portion comes up at the 48 minute mark.)

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The Street Fighter V Dan DLC was revealed back in August 2020 and will be the first Season Pass 5 character. He’ll appear in Winter 2020 and be followed by Rose, Oro, and Akira Kazama. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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