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See the Soul Hackers 2 Opening and Streaming Rules

Soul Hackers 2 launches in just under a week, and Atlus wants potential players to get a taste of its opening minutes. To that end, it uploaded the Soul Hackers 2 opening to its official YouTube account.

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Check out the Soul Hackers 2 opening at this link.

The opening features Arrow going through his morning routine. Other scenes from the early parts of the game, featuring Ringo, Figue, and the rest of the party, play out alongside the theme song.

Besides the Soul Hackers 2 opening, Atlus West also issued streaming guidelines for players showing the game. Companies occasionally place such rules into practice to prevent streamers and Let’s Players from spoiling too much of a game’s story for their viewers. The guidelines vary from game to game and company to company. Enforcement also varies. Bandai Namco’s guidelines for Digimon Survive amounted to a polite request. Atlus, meanwhile, set off a backlash due to having streaming guidelines perceived as overly strict for Persona 5.

For the most part, Atlus’ streaming guidelines for Soul Hackers 2 are fairly loose. Unlike the guidelines issued to reviewers, there are not spoiler-based rules in place. A request to include spoiler warnings in video titles and descriptions, and to “be mindful of the content you post” is all.

The main restrictions apply to streaming the game before release day on August 26, 2022. Similar restrictions apply to uploading background music of streaming for the purpose of distributing Soul Hackers 2 music. Additional rules discourage requiring payment to watch the stream or archive, as well as not to use Soul Hackers 2 streams to slander others.

Soul Hackers 2 releases on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on August 26, 2022. Check out Siliconera’s official review.

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