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Players Requested to Avoid Posting Digimon Survive Spoilers

The Twitter account for Digimon games Tweeted out a request for players to avoid posting about story content past Chapter 5 of Digimon Survive. Players will be free to talk about events past Chapter 5 two months after the release of Digimon Survive. That means you will be able to freely post about the whole game from September 29, 2022. This is so all players will have an equal opportunity to enjoy Digimon Survive for the first time.

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That is not to say players are completely unable to talk about the entirety of the game. The Twitter account says they are free to do so if they make it clear their post contains spoilers, such as with hashtags. Spoiler hashtags on social media are often used by spoiler-averse players to filter that sort of content from their feeds. Bandai Namco didn’t specify if it would take any enforcement action against spoilers (such as via takedown requests).

Requests like this are not new in the game industry. For example, Spike Chunsoft has requested that streamers and those posting on social media to avoid posting videos showing what happens after Chapter 1 of the Danganronpa games. The game also automatically prevents players from taking screenshots or videos past Chapter 1.

Digimon Survive is an upcoming story-focused turn-based strategy game, with an affinity system and visual novel-like narrative segments. Your choices will affect how Agumon will evolve, as well as the direction of the story. The development team noted that the game has an adult target audience in mind and thus the story will explore “darker” themes such as self-harm.

Digimon Survive will come out on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on July 29, 2022.

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