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Sega Ages Virtua Racing’s New Screenshots Show 8-Player Local Split-Screen And Other New Features



Sega shared new screenshots and the latest details for Sega Ages Virtua Racing, including a look at its 8-player local split-screen mode and more of what’s new in the upcoming Switch release.



ss_03 ss_04


In Sega Ages Virtua Racing you take control of a formula car in 3D, select from one of three courses, and aim to place #1 in races that consist of four to five laps. There are four different perspectives to switch between while racing, including driver’s perspective to bird’s-eye view.



Similar to the original arcade game which it is based on, there’s the Normal Race and Grand Prix Race. Normal has four to five laps while Grand Prix Races are more about endurance play with 20 laps per race. The more you go on in the race the more your tires wear out, and since it affects handling during the race it’ll be crucial to know when to time your pit stops.


Sega Ages Virtua Racing adds two new functions. One is the online 2-player versus mode. The other is another offline versus mode where you can use one Nintendo Switch console and play with up to eight players on the same screen. This can work out by having friends get together with their own Joy-Cons to bring back some excitement and a bit of nostalgia from the arcade center days.




One more new feature that is exclusive to Sega Ages that wasn’t in the arcade version is a replay save and watch function, which also allows you to watch from cameras outside of the course as shown in the above screenshots.


Here are the original cabinets of Virtua Racer from 1992:







Sega Ages Virtua Racing releases in Japan in Spring 2019 for Nintendo Switch. It’ll go for 925 yen.

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