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Sega Celebrates Tokyo Olympics With Four Different Games, Including Sonic Smartphone Game


sega olympics 2

Sega revealed during Sega Fes 2019 that they have gotten the license to make games based on the 2020 Olympics, and are working on four different game projects to celebrate the event, for various platforms. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Tokyo 2020 Olympics: The Official Video Game

sega olympics 3 

sega olympics 9

sega olympics 10

Coming to: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Release date: Summer 2019


Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics

sega olympics 5

sega olympics 11


sega olympics 12

Coming to: Nintendo Switch

Release date: Winter 2019


Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics: Arcade Game

sega olympics 6

Coming to: Arcades

Release date: 2020


Sonic at the Olympic Games

sega olympics 7

sega olympics 8

Coming to: iOS, Android

Release date: 2020


Check out the trailer showing off Sega’s Olympics showings below:


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games comes out for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Summer 2019. Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympic Games comes out Winter 2019. Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympic Games: Arcade Game begins service 2020, and Sonic at the Olympic Games begins service in 2020 on iOS and Android as well. You can find the official site for these games here.

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