Sekai Project Brings Visual Novel Sunrider To Steam



Visual novel publisher Sekai Project have announced they’ve helped bring Sunrider’s first chapter to Steam.



Sunrider is one of those little Kickstarter games that was smartly budgeted. It asked for a modest $3000 in funding, but eventually raked in more than $44,000, busting several stretch goals on its path to galactic domination. Keep in mind, this is their first public release of the game, and there are probably still bugs and balance concerns inside.



The team stated that the game itself would be released for free regardless of how well it did, and if you’re one of those who’s anti-Steam, you can also get the game off their website. Sunrider blends in visual novel elements with unique mechs called Ryders in a tactical turn-based RPG.



Stretch goals added full voice, trading, a beach episode (“Because… Well it had to be done” has to be the best stretch goal reason we’ve ever come across)



In the game, you’re Captain Kayto Shields of the good ship Sunrider, racing around the galaxy as the only male on board. You’ll slowly pick up a motley group of all-female allies who also happen to be crack pilots. How well you direct them in battle is also supposed to affect the visual novel portions of the game.


Sunrider’s first chapter, First Arrival is out now on PC. You can also get it off Steam.