Seventh Blood Vampire Begins With Finding A Blood-Drenched Doppelganger Of Yourself


Seventh Blood Vampire is an Android game that looks pretty slick, with beautifully drawn full 3D CG backdrops and a mysterious storyline. As the unnamed female protagonist, you keep hearing a voice at night calling out to you, going, “Blood… I need blood…”


So, of course we’re totally going to go find out what that voice is all about, violating one of the basic survival rules of horror: don’t bloody try to find out what is making that noise!


Shockingly (or not), players will discover the cause… is a blood-drenched doppelganger of yourself! *cue dramatic music* The adventure game begins proper, with players looking to explore the surroundings, find items to piece together what’s going on and somehow escape their unseen (and we’re assuming, vampiric) assailants.



Controls use a directional pad to control where you can run and it looks like the game isn’t a tile-based title, allowing players to freely roam around the confines of areas they’re at. If you’re interested, Seventh Blood Vampire is available here.