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Shatolla Will Be the Summer Town in Harvestella

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Square Enix has shared some information on Shatolla, a seaside town players will be able to explore in the upcoming life simulation JRPG, Harvestella. The Summer Seaslight governs Shatolla. Players will be able to meet Heine, the inventor, and Emo, the diva, in Shatolla. There are also details on new jobs and summer crops on the blog post.

Like how the Spring Seaslight governs Nemea, Shatolla gets a lot of influence from the Summer Seaslight. However, some giant bubbles called the Summer Bulla have started appearing near the city, and there are rumors about a sea witch named Lorelei. Sailors believe that she can drag ships into the ocean with her voice. While it is unclear where exactly Heine will fit into the narrative, Emo requests the protagonist’s help in traveling to the Seaslight.

During TGS 2022, the Harvestella development team showed off some different biomes you can farm in. One of them is the waterside biome, which is good for sweet crops such as Islet Watermelons. There are also cave biomes where you can grow spices and seasonings, like Sudor Pepper. Crops you can grow in the summer are the Shatollan Paprika, Bellhop, Seatide Garlic, and Macocoa.

While you will likely need other ingredients, those summer crops can be used to make Fisherman’s Sandwich, Hop Juice, Shrimp and Mushroom Tapas, and Melting Chocolate Fondant. In order to cook meals, you will need to first build a Kitchen Counter in the protagonist’s house.

Previously, Square Enix revealed that a protagonist’s job determines their skill and weapon. They can unlock new jobs when they recruit a character. The two new jobs shown in the blog post are Mechanic and Woglinde. The Mechanic can used charged physical attacks, as well as debuffs. Meanwhile, the Woglinde is a magic-oriented job who can support the party.

Harvestella will come out on November 4, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. A demo version is readily available for the Switch.

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