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New Harvestella Info Includes Story, Jobs, Pets, and More


During the Nintendo Treehouse Live on August 25, 2022, Nintendo showed off Harvestella. This game will be a lifestyle simulation game with combat and RPG elements. Square Enix has also revealed some new information on the story, jobs, pets, animals, and more. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

In the Treehouse video, we can see how farming works in Harvestella. You can water crops such as Stellar Wheat, Carrops, and more. Like in Stardew Valley, you can put items in a shipping box and at the end of the day, you will get money. You are free to do whatever you want — farming, exploring, etc. — throughout the day, but you must go to sleep at night.

You can check out the Harvestella portion of Nintendo’s Treehouse Live broadcast below. The whole stream, which included looks at Splatoon 3, is at this link.

Harvestella starts with the protagonist waking up in Lethe Village. They also see a meteorite in the sky, with an Omen inside. Dr. Cress notes that it’s bizarre how the protagonist is walking around outside during the Quietus. The Quietus is some sort of calamity that occurs between seasons, and they believe Omens are the cause of it. Lethe Village works as a home base for the player, with lots of stores to gather supplies for adventures. There is also Higan Canyon, where you can meet party member Dianthus. Dianthus also happens to be an Omen.

As for how to unlock new jobs in combat, you can befriend characters with that job. With time, the protagonist will also be able to use them. Jobs include Assault Savant, who uses science to switch elements and martial arts. When you change your job, you also change what you’re wearing, as well as what weapons you wield.

Lastly, you can raise animals at home as pets or for your farm. You can ride the Totokaku pet to move swiftly across the map, as well as dig up items. As well, you can raise animals to get eggs and milk, and then use them in your cooking. When you raise your affection level with them, you can get other items as well.

Harvestella will launch on November 4, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and November 5 for Windows PC via Steam.

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