Shoot Your Way Across Big, Colorful Alien Worlds In GRAV



Bit Monster is working on a big third-person action-adventure called GRAV which features endless, procedurally generated alien worlds for you to explore and fight your way across.


This might be overselling it, but speaking in rough terms, GRAV seems to a combination of the online co-op sci-fi shooting of Destiny and the huge unique worlds of No Man’s Sky.


Each of its planets are generated uniquely from an apparently infinite number of combinations of biomes, alien sites, and dungeons. All you and your friends have to do is explore them and survive against the hostilities one the planets’ surface.



You’ll gather resources, construct bases from modules, and then head off in whichever direction you feel like to blast some aliens. Or, perhaps, you’ll take a more serene route and take in the gorgeous scene a meteor shower or a blossom of glowing night flowers instead.


GRAV also lets you create player alliances so that you can stick together, either against the aliens or in order to fight other alliances and take their resources if you win.


GRAV will be coming to Steam Early Access soon. It was Greenlit in just two days. You can find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman