SINoAlice Set To Tell Its Story In Hong Kong, Taiwan, And Macau



SINoALICE, Yoko Taro and Pokelabo’s mobile game that features various fairy tale characters, is set to come out in East Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.


The game will be published in those regions by Komoe Game, and is set to come out within 2018.


As a refresher, here’s the premise for the game:

Maybe you remember?

That story that was read to you as a child, about a beautiful princess and a strong hero.

But there’s something we don’t know… that the girls are still wandering.

This is the imprisoned world, “Library,” a place that is stuck in an endless loop in this story.

The characters who appear in this story gather. The girls only have one wish. To revive the “author.”

Its the future desired by those who hold their respective darkness.

What awaits for the girls who wish for the revival of their creator?


SINoALICE is available in Japan for iOS and Android. Check out our previous report of NiER RepliCant characters that are coming to the Japanese version here.

Alistair Wong
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