Siralim Is An Old-School Style Monster-Taming RPG Heading To PS4, PS3, And PS Vita

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With nothing more than a trailer, monster-taming RPG Siralim has been announced for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. It’s not said when it will arrive or how much it’ll cost.


Siralim was previously released on PC and mobile. As Siliconera detailed before, it has you managing and defending a kingdom by fighting and taming from a pool of over 300 unique monsters.


You have a castle that you can upgrade with new rooms and facilities. In doing so, you open up new NPCs to recruit that will help towards gaining new monster types for your party.


Battles are turn-based and you can select six monsters to fight for you at any one time. You can enhance their abilities by finding new equipment and augments to craft, and by using the spells. As well as finding monsters in the wild it’s possible to create eggs and raise them in captivity.


Siralim also has roguelike elements through procedurally generated dungeons to dredge for treasures. With its “roguelike overworld” it’s possible to see monsters as icons and avoid getting into a fight with them.


Look out for more details on Siralim on its website.

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