SNK Classics vol. 1 Lineup Revealed


SNK LogoLet the hoping and speculation end!  I just heard word of the games to be included in SNK Classics vol. 1 coming the first half of 2008. And the winners are:



Art of Fighting

Baseball Stars 2

Burning Fight

Fatal Fury

King of Fighters 94

King of the Monsters

Last Resort

Magician Lord

Metal Slug

Neo Turf Master

Samurai Shodown


Shock Troops

Super Sidekicks 3

Top Hunter

World Heroes



You'll notice that a few of these titles are redundant as they've been released in other places such as the Wii VC, XBLA, and the other SNK compilations in the last two years.  However, buying the games in this form will surely be cheaper than buying them individually (especially if it has an MSRP of $15 like recent SNK releases for the PS2) and some of these games have never been released in the US on a mainstream console (i.e. not the AES) in their arcade forms.  Personally, I'm looking forward to Shock Troopers, King of Monsters, and Neo Turf Masters (a great arcade golf game in the vein of Baseball Stars 2).  Interestingly, the collection was only announced for PS2 and PSP.  The Wii version that showed up on ESRB lists last year is nowhere to be found in the announcement.  Perhaps it has a later release and cross your fingers that they'll include the option of using the Classic Controller unlike last year's Metal Slug Anthology.