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Sony Expects PlayStation VR’s Library To Increase From 150 Titles To 280 By The End Of 2018



Sony Interactive Entertainment said in a statement to Nikkei that it expects the current number of PlayStation VR titles increase from 150 to 280 by the end of this year.


According to Sony, the 80 percent increase from 150 titles to about 280 by the end of this year is possible now that the number of PlayStation VR units sold surpassed 2 million, making it easier for game companies to participate in the development of PS VR titles.


Back in October we saw the price drop of the PlayStation VR unit, and this was bolstered by  an increase in titles from big companies like Capcom and Bandai NAmco. In addition to planetarium and a video contents that allows you to watch movies in a 360-degree space, we can expect to see more content release alongside new titles for the PlayStation VR.

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