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Spirit Hunter Series Sequel Shibito Magire Gets a New Teaser Trailer


Experience started a crowdfunding campaign for the Spirit Hunter series sequel Shibito Magire last month. Check out a new teaser trailer from the publisher.

The story revolves around Konoehara Academy, where gruesome incidents take place every 10 years. However, they say that these incidents happen due to a curse, and the police can only classify these deaths as “accidents.” With rumors of spiritual work floating around, the principal hires the Kujo family, known for handling such affairs.

Shibito Magire‘s crowdfunding is currently at 9.77 million yen for about 65% of its goal of 15 million yen. If it succeeds within its remaining 38 days, the game will release for PlayStation 4 and Switch in Summer 2021.

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