Splatoon 2 Producer Nogami Says Plans Haven’t Begun For Whatever’s Next Yet

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With Splatoon 2’s Final Splatfest to begin tomorrow, kicking off 72 hours of festivities as a last hurrah for the game’s monthly contests, all eyes are on Nintendo and what is to be next after this. Turns out, not much yet. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089!]


This week’s issue of Famitsu has an interview with Splatoon 2’s producer, Hisashi Nogami (probably known more widely as ‘That Squid Researcher Guy’), where he talked a bit about what’s next for the game after Ver. 5.0.  While weapon and stage additions are over, as well as Splatfests, game balancing and Monthly League Battles will continue.


As for a third game in the hit series, he didn’t have much to say, as plans haven’t really begun. According to Nogami, Splatoon 2 began development right after the release of the first game, and as afterwards there was the development of Octo Expansion and the various updates, they weren’t really in a place to start thinking of what’s next in the future. He’ll begin to think what’s next after everything is finally done.


Nogami also stated that while there’s nothing that’s gotten to a stage that he can give promises for, he wants to give back to those who have supported the game in some way, and it might be realized if they continue to receive this support.


While many know Nogami for his role in the Splatoon series, he’s also the producer of the Animal Crossing series, and with Animal Crossing: New Horizons getting ready to launch next year, it might be a while longer before we see just what Nogami means by the latter comment.


Splatoon 2 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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