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Square Enix Asks: Would Buy A NieR Edition Console, Or Two?



NieR: Automata is already getting a sweet Black Box Edition in Japan, but it looks like Square Enix is wondering how many of you guys would buy a NieR edition console if they were to make one?


The above tweet asks, in a very “what if” scenario and in very Yoko Taro fashion, if they were to make a NieR edition gaming console, would you buy it? The choices shown are:

  • I’d buy it
  • I’d buy 2
  • I’d buy one, and also a Pro
  • I won’t not buy it


For now, it looks like there are more people who say they would buy it, so those who won’t not buy it need to pick it up a little. Keep in mind, this doesn’t guarantee they’ll make some kind of NieR edition console, but it’s certainly interesting to see them reach out to fans to ask about it.


NieR: Automata releases in Japan on February 23, 2017 for PlayStation 4. The Black Box Edition is exclusive to the Square Enix e-Store. The game releases for PS4 and PC in the West in early 2017.

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