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Square Enix Are Recruiting More Staff To Help With Kingdom Hearts III



Last we heard, Square Enix were conducting a survey for Kingdom Hearts games, and while we don’t know how far along they are in development for Kingdom Hearts III, they are recruiting staff to develop the game.


The first position listed is for a UI designer, who’ll be in charge of user interface work for Kingdom Hearts III. This team member will also do work that involves other designs and putting together data.UI designers will work closely with the planners and programmers to create a user-friendly UI for the game. The required skills and experiences are knowledge in UI and UX, experience in game UI designing and data.


Next is a technical artist position that will put the person in charge of working on high-quality graphics for Kingdom Hearts III, using the latest technology with proper workflow, and various middleware. Technical artists will need art asset experiences, along with knowhow in working on the required graphics and programming.


Finally, the third open position is for a network programmer’s. This position is quite interesting, as they’ll be in charge of designing and implementing a communication system for an online multiplayer game; however, it doesn’t indicate that it’s a position for Kingdom Hearts III like the previous two.


The network programmer will need experience in game development using C++ and deep knowledge and experience in networking. All three positions are for Square Enix’s Osaka branch.


Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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