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Square Enix Shares FFVII Remake Concept Art of Eligor


The FFVII Remake Twitter account uploaded concept art of Eligor as he appears in the game. There is also a brief explanation about the challenges the development team faced when designing his animations.

Editor’s note: There are spoilers for FFVII Remake below.

Eligor is a boss that you fight in Chapter 11 of FFVII Remake. The foe appears when you visit the Train Graveyard.

According to the tweet, Eligor looks like he is on a chariot. However, the hindquarters of the horse look like a wheel instead. So even when it is on the ground, Eligor is always floating somewhat in the air. Because he had a unique design, the development team had to figure out the best way to animate him.

The Square Enix Twitter account shared pictures of Eligor’s finalized design. This FFVII Remake concept art includes a size comparison between Eligor and Cloud. It also showed close-ups of its various details. Lastly, there is a set of pictures of the 3D design as it looks in-game.

Square Enix often shares additional details and concept art about the world of FFVII Remake on the game’s Twitter account. For example, it shared concept art showing how Chocobos and Chocobo merchandise look in-universe. Square Enix has also revealed information on buildings (such as restrooms) and city infrastructure (such as how the city supplies Mako to the citizens).

FFVII Remake is available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC.

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