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FFVII Remake Shinra Building Bathrooms Detailed

FFVII Remake Shinra Building Bathrooms Detailed

Since Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s launch, Square Enix tends to share additional details about the title and its world on the Japanese and English Twitter accounts. These can involve extra details about the characters or certain locations. The latest one has to do with the FFVII Remake Shinra building bathrooms. Like the original game, they actually play a part in the story.

There are two concept art images of the restrooms. The first is an overhead view of the men and women’s sides. This allows people to see the floor plans for each one. The layout also features the location of the infamous FFVII bathroom duct, which appears above a stall on the men’s side.
FFVII Remake Shinra Building Bathrooms Detailed

The second image shows what a single bathroom stall looks like in the FFVII Remake Shinra building. It shows how there is a shelf, trash can, and a bidet function.
FFVII Remake Shinra Building Bathrooms Detailed 2

Finally, the third image shared offers a bit of context. Square Enix’s tweet references how the smell ends up getting into the conference room next door. This is because of the bathroom duct players end up using in FFVII to snoop on executives. That screenshot is taken from the original game, to show how the bathrooms used to look and the layout of that floor.
FFVII Remake Shinra Building Bathrooms Detailed 3

In the past, Square Enix offered looks at other FFVII Remake locations like Aerith’s house and the Honeybee Inn.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. The PS5 and PC versions are the Intergrade ones. FFVII Remake Part 2 is in development.

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